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The Potential Of Activated Carbon

Posted by Admin on May, 21, 2021

Activated Carbon is a natural element which is derived from heating organic carbon-rich materials such as wood, coconut shells, peat or sawdust to very high temperatures around 1000 degree Celsius in the absence of oxygen.

There are three types of activated Carbon available in the market which may differ in shape and size. These types are pellets, granular and powdered forms which are further available in different grades. The grade of the activated Carbon depends on the quality and process of raw material used for the processing of activated Carbon. Each grade and size of activated carbon is application specific by understanding the nature of fluid or gas to be treated. Therefore, choosing the right type of activated carbon is essential.

Application and uses of Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is the most functional adsorbent because it has a large surface area, polymodal porous structure, high adsorption capacity, and variable surface chemical composition. As a consequence, there are innumerable applications in many different fields such as -

Water Filtration: The most prevalent way of using activated Carbon is water treatment. This natural filtration method effectively removes contaminated content such as heavy metals and fluoride from the water to make it suitable for drinking.

Air Filtration: Activated carbon is the best way to purify the air you breathe. The air to be purified is passed through the filter activated carbon to trap the air pollutants such as chlorine, volatile organic compounds inside the pores of carbon substrate. It also helps in removing odour from the air.

Oral health: Most of the teeth-whitening products contain the compound of activated Carbon which helps in removing stains from the teeth. It also helps in removing plaque and other harmful bacteria that causes tooth decay. Hence, it is a natural way of teeth-whitening and promotes overall oral hygiene.

Skin Treatment: Activated carbon easily helps in removing particles like dust, dirt, bacteria, chemicals from the surface of the skin. Nowadays, many skincare products contain activated carbon for effective treatment of acne.

Food & Beverage Processing: It is widely used to remove colour and odour caused by contamination through the processing of various products such as fruit juice, alcoholic beverages, honey, vegetable oil etc.

Activated Carbon is a highly used absorbent for industrial purposes all over the globe. Most of the restaurants, bottling plants and food processing industries require activated carbon for the water treatment. There are a number of activated Carbon manufacturers and suppliers in India but if you want to buy a high quality activated carbon then choose the one who offers high quality activated Carbon in black colour with 99% purity and has less than 5% ash content.

The popularity of activated Carbon suppliers is due to the following factors-

• They source the products from the praiseworthy vendors in the industry, who use the optimal grade materials and cutting-edge technology for the production of the activated carbon.

• They deliver products conforming to the quality standards laid by the industry and as per the current rules & regulations for the protection of health, safety & environment.

• They have a reliable team of experienced logistics professionals in order to ensure that all the products are delivered to the clients on the correct locations within the stipulated time.

• They have sufficient capacity to meet the bulk requirements of the clients on a timely basis.

• They offer a wide range of activated carbon for purification and filtration at industry leading prices.

Final words

Thus, it can be stated that with the advancement of technology and development, activated Carbon is protecting our lives in numerous ways. So, choosing a leading activated Carbon supplier is essential for the right functioning.

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