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The Versatility And Uses Of Activated Carbon

Posted by Admin on April, 30, 2020

Activated carbon is a non-graphite form of carbon. It could be produced from any carbonaceous material such as coal, lignite, wood, paddy husk, coir pith, and coconut shell. However, the best quality activated carbon is manufactured from coconut shell. Due to its small macrospores structure, it is more effective. It shows excellent absorption of gas/ vapor and even removes the color and odor of compounds.

Properties of activated carbon
Different types of activated carbons exhibit different characteristics. Their properties depend upon the raw material and activation technique used in their production. Hence, it is important to understand the absorptive and physical characteristics of the material before selecting an activated carbon.

Different types of activated carbon
The activated carbon comes in different forms for the convenience of consumers. These carbons are available in many sizes based upon the application and requirements. Here are the majorly specific form and size recommended mostly for household use.
• Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)
• Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC)
• Extruded carbon

Applications of activated carbon
Activated carbons are highly effective for the effluent treatment plant and reduce BOD/COD/Color from Industrial waste water. They are also useful for purifying the drinking water and absorb the moisture from compressed air. You can use them to de-chlorinate soft drink plant process water and swimming pools. Besides, they have multiple uses in oil removal, solvent recovery, and remove impurities.

Role of activated carbon manufacturers
• Manufacturers of activated carbon ensure the quality maintenance at manufacturing plants.
• They have great experience in processing, techniques, and engineering machines which are highly useful for the manufacturing of these materials.
• They also ensure stunning quality, prompt delivery, and customer satisfaction.
• Besides, they basically focus on the quality of products so every consumer gets the maximum satisfaction by buying the carbon in markets.
• They also comply strictly with the product quality through consistency in the production process and raw material.
So, the manufacturers are the backbone of activated carbon supply industry.
You always want to know what activated carbon used into ensure that you know how it can help you and your health. One of the most common products you would find it in is toothpaste since it is great for oral health and it can also be used in medication. Also, it is great for skin care related products like face wash and even deodorant, so make sure that you are considering these if you want to purchase anything with this ingredient.

How do they get products at a reasonable price?
The manufacturer operates well for the right procurement, supply, and raw material along with packaging so the carbon is available on very reasonable price in the markets.

Where to get the activated carbon in India?
You can contact activated carbon manufacturers in the country who offer quality products at reasonable rates. They offer high quality activated carbon in different forms with the following facilities:
• Get black color 99% pure activated carbon
• Useful for water treatment
• Very low ash content carbon
• 0.38-0.45g/cm3 density and 0% moisture

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