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Why Are The Water Filter Companies Using Active Carbon For Filtration?

Posted by Admin on February, 15, 2021

Activated carbon has made its name in the present world and has rapidly become an imperative component in an impressive range of industries that run inclusive of agriculture, cosmetics, and medical. The activated carbon supplier has also earned fame in the world of water filtration systems, given the key role it plays in the filtration of water.

Activated Carbon Filters: How Do They Work?

The effectiveness of the carbon can be largely attributed to its amazing surface area. A particular substance is filtered out by an activated carbon filter through the process of physical absorption. Upon coming in contact with the activated carbon, the molecules of liquid or air are forced drawn into millions of pockets and pores on the activated carbons source.

What Do Activated Carbons Do Rather than Physical Absorption?

Chemical reactions are facilitated by activated carbon besides the physical absorption; A standard example includes chlorine molecules. Upon chlorine’s contact with activated carbon, chloride ions are formed by the reaction of two molecules, thereafter eliminating chlorine effective from the water.

How Much Contamination is Removed By Activated Carbon Filters?

What amount of contamination is removed from the water by the activated carbon is determined on multiple factors, which include the type of pollution and its amount, followed by the acidity of water and its temperature, and finally, how for what duration the water was in contact with the activated carbon.

What Else Determines What Amount of Contamination Will Be Removed?

The filtration level provided is also determined by the particular type of activated carbon. A large trap including carbon molecules, bigger and heavier molecules like the ones present in organic chemicals. The lighter and smaller contaminants are picked up by the small and fine pores. The activated carbon suppliers nowadays make sure to label their products with the potential of absorption before selling.

Carbon Filter and what does it minimize from Your Water

Activated carbon is a great filter and minimizes a large number of drinking water impurities, but do you know what particular contaminants are reduced by activated carbon filters?

Typically, an approx. of 82 chemicals is known to be eliminated from the carbon filters and are capable enough to eliminate another 52 chemicals. As per EPA’s claims, the activated carbon is the sole filtering material that eliminates the 12 known herbicides and 14 known pesticides, besides the 32 known organic contaminants.

How is the Aesthetic Quality of the Drinking Water Affected By Activated Carbon?

Chlorine is removed by activated carbon, which in turn helps the aesthetic quality of the drinking water to be affected. While chlorine is present in the water to serve as a disinfectant, it can also result in an unpleasant odor and taste in the tap water besides creating carcinogenic by-products. Clean water is produced by the activated carbon filters.

Good-quality carbon filters can treat heavy metals, toxic chemicals, and pathogenic cysts from the water, making it fit for drinking sans stripping it off from the essential minerals and salts. With certified filters, you can always trust the reliability and the performance of the filters.

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